Booking Policy for Personal Driver

Use of our drivers are subject to and conditional on the following terms, conditions and mutual obligations being accepted by both customers and drivers.

General Terms

For booking the FREE TRANSPORTATION AIRPORT-CLINIC our diver needs 72 hrs previous,the driver will be waiting you with your name when you arrive at airport.
In cases of another destinations, address will be required and notice of any intended detours or stop-offs en route is appreciated (bookings also with 72 hours anticipation)
For bookings in particularly busy city locations, any details such as a safe meeting/pick-up point or the exact location, instructions is appreciated and goes a long way towards ensuring a smooth pickup.
Priority service is given to those customers who have Pre-Booked. Planning and booking ahead is the best way to ensure your ideal pickup time, however, drivers are often available with as little as 24 hours notice.


One Transportation from airport to clinic is FREE
In order to make a booking, you will need to pay before to our paypal account or with cash to our driver. the cost deoends on where you want to go, 1 or 2 places. sometimes driber can go to Teotihuacan at morning and the take you to Basilica at afternoon ($110 usd)

Gratuities or ‘tips’ are entirely at the discretion of customers and should not be negotiated to replace standard fees and charges.


Trip cost estimates are based on the if you stay ay city or go to another state, also the day and the traffic.
Up to 5 minutes is included to allow you to assemble at your vehicle. After this time your driver may apply ‘waiting time’ at $1.10 per minute
A Night Rate Surcharge of 20% applies to all trips booked between 11.55pm and 6am.

NOTE: Christmas Day bookings are NOT AVAILABLE

** Please be aware that you have an personal driver, so the cost will be different as another companies tha work with several clients in a day***

Cancellations / Postponements

We understand that things don’t always go to plan – please advise your driver immediately of any change in plans or unforeseen delays as required and we will endeavour to assist where possible, drivers are generally able to reschedule a booking with sufficient notice (subject to availability).

Cancellation fee 24hrs before $0.00
Cancellation fee less than 24 hours $35 usd

Designated Driving: Vehicle Compliance / Insurance Requirements

Accidents involving Third Parties, Property Damage or Personal Injury must be reported to the appropriate authority.
Third Party at Fault – All claims where a third party is at fault are made on the Customer’s Insurance Policy and the Company will not be liable for any repair/replacement costs.
Designated Driver at Fault – All claims where the contracted driver is at fault are made on the Customer’s Insurance Policy and the Company will not be liable for any repair/replacement costs.
Uninsured Vehicles – If the Customer’s vehicle is uninsured and the contracted driver is at fault, the Company will not be liable for any costs whatsoever.


All incidents involving personal injury, serious damage to vehicle/s or personal property are expected to be reported to the appropriate Authorities at the time of the incident.
Drivers are expected to notify the insurance at their earliest opportunity.
It is suggested that all parties involved take as many photos of the situation as possible at the scene and at the time, as well as take note of any witness’s names and phone numbers.

Our Drivers Code of Conduct

Our drivers are selected based on their Customer Service Ethic, Excellent Driving Record, and Deference.

All our drivers are at least 30 years of age.
As a minimum, this includes a Comprehensive Driving History Check, a Police/Criminal Background Check and a Medical Assessment as well as a personal screening interview before being accepted as a partner driver.
They are committed to providing you with a discreet and safe personal driving service.
We have a strict zero alcohol policy for personal drivers and their co-drivers.

Your Code of Conduct

Whilst driving for you in your own vehicle, your driver is legally in charge of that vehicle and as such is responsible for your safety and that of any other passengers present, as well as that of other road users.

Please be respectful and assist with any requests by him or her to ensure compliance with road rules and /or your safety and comfort.

All passengers are expected to comply with road rules and legislative regulations in the state or territory in which the service is provided

All passengers must wear a seatbelt
Passengers are prohibited from extending any limbs or items outside of the vehicle
No alcohol is to be consumed inside the vehicle unless you talk with the driver
No smoking inside the vehicle (please be respectful of your driver)
Passengers should refrain from playing excessively loud music – this may be distracting for your driver and may void their liability – and your cover – in the event of an accident
Children must be restrained in approved safety restraints for their age and weight
Pets must be carried in the rear section of the vehicle in an appropriate restraint or carrier
Please refrain from using foul language or from any physical contact with your driver
Drivers are not authorised to carry unsupervised minors unless accompanied directly by their parent or guardian.
Number of passengers permited (4) We dont have big cars because our service is Personal.

Failure to comply with our mutual Code of Conduct may result in access to services being denied.


Reference is made to customer privacy in our Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct.
The information we collect in regard to your use of the service is retained for the exclusive use of the driver and its contracted drivers – in order to provide you with that service; and to refer to for future bookings in order to assist with the booking process.

If you are found to be in violation of the Company’s Terms and policies at any time, as determined by the driver, in its sole discretion, the Company may warn you or suspend or terminate your use of our Services. The Company may, in its sole discretion, cancel any outstanding Services and not provide a refund to the Customer.

Please note that we may change our Terms at any time without notice, and pursuant to the Terms, it is your responsibility to keep up-to-date with and adhere to the policies posted here.